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Mid-Week Meditation

May the Lord grant mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, for he often refreshed me…….    (2 Timothy 1:16)

Someone said, “Few things are more lonely than going through a sudden test or joy and having no friend to call”. I think that makes sense. The name Onesiphorus means ‘profit bringer’ and this man truly lived up to his name by bringing the great profit of comradeship into Paul’s life. Paul uses a verb which he never used anywhere else in his epistles to describe this man. Although the word “refreshed” occurs quite a few times (at least 13 times) in the English New Testament, this particular Greek word translated as “refreshed” in 2 Tim.1:16 is used only here in the New Testament. Every other occurrence of the term “refreshed” in the New Testament means ‘to give rest’, however, this particular word in the above verse literally means ‘reviving up with cool fresh air’ which by implication means ‘to revive or to comfort when someone is so low in spirit’. Most likely Onesiphorous was from Ephesus in Asia Minor, a place where Paul stayed the longest and ministered. Paul had quite a few challenges in Ephesus and in Asia Minor. He constantly saw people deserting him (2 Tim.2:15). I believe loneliness often took Paul to low levels in spirit, he felt helpless and abandoned. He must have felt like a lonely traveller walking through the desert of ministry marked by the hot winds of people abandoning him which made him so exhausted in the journey. However, during such times this man Onesiphorous brought that cool refreshing air into the exhausted, lonely life of Paul which revived this great apostle of the Lord to continue the journey. What a great ministry is this? Let’s not think that may be Paul was not spending enough time in prayer. I have no doubts about Paul’s prayer life, yet he too was in need of 'flesh and bone' companions and comrades in his journey without which finishing the race is a task almost impossible. I see the picture of Onesiphorus reflecting through Paul’s words in 2 Tim.4:7 “I have fought a good fight; I have finished the race”. Yes, this man played a big role in helping Paul to fight the battles and finish his race just by making his presence available for Paul in times of his low moments in ministry. Spiritual comradeship on earth is a blessing from heaven. Our Lord had a home in Bethany and a few others as mentioned in Luke 8:2, 3 who brought that refreshing cool fresh air into his ministry as he walked along taught people and trained his disciples. If the Lord has called you to be an Onesiphorous then help people to fight their battles and finish their race. Stay with someone whom you believe is doing the Lord’s will and help that person to fight the good fight and finish the race. Remember, even someone like Moses needed Aaron and Hur to hold his hands so that Joshua can defeat the enemies. Holding up the hands of someone who is doing the Lord's will is in itself a great ministry and this is what Onesiphorous did and you can do it too through various means and methods. If you have Onesiphorous like people in the journey of your life, then thank God for them because it is one of those rich blessings from God. I pray that may God raise many such people in our time, we desperately need them.


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Mar. 06 - Rebecca Thomas

Mar. 17 - Asha (Sandra's sister)

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