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Mid-Week Meditation

You make known to me the path of life…….at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11)

God is often considered as a cosmic killjoy and needless to say that the God of the Bible is for sure considered this way by many. Jesus explained to us the path of life when he said, “narrow is the road that leads to life and only few finds it”. The world defines freedom without boundaries as pleasure, yet ironically those who indulge in unlimited freedom are the ones who also are totally discontent with what they enjoy. Let’s narrow down to the believers and the problem still remains the same in many cases where even believers refuse to walk the narrow path of life because they too believe that freedom with self-defined boundaries is the true means to pleasure. This is often reflected in 'situation ethics' practiced by many believers under various circumstances. Someone one mentioned about a person who justified extra-marital affair on the ground of John 8:11 where Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery “neither do I condemn you” but the same person failed to read the last part of that verse where it reads “from now on sin no more”. Yes, scripture could be twisted by people to self-define their boundless freedom to live the way they want to and the more they indulge in such freedom the greater they sink into disappointment. When God gave the commandments to Israel he also made two options available before them, they could either choose life through obedience or death through disobedience. A godly man once said, “Life will work only one way, and that’s the Christ’s way. There is a precipice at the end of every other road. Broken, bruised, disillusioned, despairing, we know then that of ourselves and in ourselves there is no hope of finding anything but the hell of great despair. Outside of God there is only death”. I think that’s a powerful statement. God has made known the path of life as recorded in His word and when we walk in them the end result is to enjoy the pleasures that come from God himself, this also means daring to walk the narrow road of obedience to God’s command for life. We may violate God’s way for life through so called creative means and methods, and even try to justify it or cover it but it will soon become evident as a believer’s face is the mirror of his/her heart and the spiritual fruit they evidence before others will tell about their root in God. Jesus said, “by their fruit you shall know them”. There is wisdom is paying attention to the words of Stanley Jones, “Examine the roots when the fruits begin to taste bitter”. Is the fruit of your Christian life becoming bitter these days? Are others beginning to see the bitter fruits you are yielding these days? Don’t deny it, neither justify it, but take time to examine where your roots are and fix them firmly into the way God has ordained for life and revealed in his holy Word. That is the path of life and pleasure, outside of which there is only death. May God help us to choose the path of life and pleasure which comes only by conforming to God's way.



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