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Mid-Week Meditation

Do not take to heart all the things that people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you. (Ecclesiastes 7:21)

Don’t pay attention to everything people say. Why? Because you don’t want to hear everything people say about you; you may end up hearing your servant cursing you. Often the most audible words are not laudable. There are words of flattery that people may just pour on you to win your favour or to simply impress you. They just don’t mean what they are saying. Then there are words of criticism. People love to pass judgment on you. It is very difficult to hear appreciation from people but criticisms come quickly. Solomon goes on to tell us that we don’t have to get upset at what others are saying about us. Stay strong when people speak things about you which you don’t want to hear. Don’t pay too much attention when people are talking too good about you and don’t lose heart when people criticize you. Stay strong while facing these extremes. Certain things are best handled when we learn to neglect them. Wisdom will give you the strength to handle these tensions of life.


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14 - Neev

15 - Johan Cherian

18 - Joel Mizpah

19 - Sashikala

21 - Pinky

26 - Blessy Dinesh

28 - Rajkumar


21 - Cheriyan & Asha

21 - Raghunath & Shantha

26 - Laxmikanth & Asha

31 - Milton & Divi