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Mid-Week Meditation

Abram said to Sarai his wife, "say you are my sister"... and the woman was taken intonPharaoh's house.... but the Lord afflicted Pharaoh and his house because of Sarai.... Pharaoh sent Abram away with his wife. (Genesis 12:11,13,16,17,20)

Here is Abram about to enter Egypt. He feared that Sarai was too beautiful that Pharaoh would take her into his harem. He feared he would lose Sarai. So, he began to devise a smart plan. He asked Sarai to introduce herself as Abram's sister. She agreed. And the fear of the future is solved. Abram entered Egypt, Sarai followed Abram's advice, and she was still taken into Pharaoh's house!!! That looks like the way we behave often. We fear the possibilities of worse things for our future, and we devise our own plans and execute them, but still, we see ourselves entangled in what we fear. That's what happened to Abraham. Yet the beauty of the passage is in vs.17 & 20. While Abram thought it was all over, God began to work. God afflicted Pharaoh's house and delivered Sarai without any harm to her. Abram thought that he was working smart to secure the future, but God wanted him to learn that it was He who was working on behalf of them. The security for Sarai is not in the hands of Abram; it is in the hands of God. Even the Pharaoh could not have touched Sarai because God was there on Sarai's behalf. Are you fearing the possibility of worse things in your future? At times, we think if we act smart, then we can secure our future, or if we go with the norms of the world, then we can secure our future. We don't keep our future secure with our smart plans. It is God who is working to keep us safe. If God is for you, what can man do to you? Abram went home that night thinking Sarai was gone and Pharaoh would have spoiled her that night, but Sarai was safe inside Pharaoh's palace because God protected her. It's not the protection of Abram that matters but God's. Trust him and continue your journey. Lord, help me not to trust in my smart plans or the norms of the world to keep my future secure but to depend on you alone for my security, my family, and the ministry. Amen.


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