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Mid-Week Meditation

The eternal God is your dwelling place and underneath are the everlasting arms. Deuteronomy 33:27

Notice the placement of God’s everlasting arms, it’s “underneath”. God’s everlasting arms are not pictured as above us but underneath us. Safety nets in construction sites are never put up above the workers, it’s always placed ‘underneath’ the place where the workers are working. Those safety nets are placed underneath so that in case a worker slips and falls, the net would hold him before he crashes to the ground. That helps me to understand the reason why the everlasting arms of our God are placed underneath us. The reason is that we stand the chance of slipping and falling every day. The Temptations, disappointments, failures, loneliness, guilt, unfulfilled expectations, unexpected challenges, etc. have their way of leading us to slip and fall. During such times the everlasting arms of our eternal God are placed right under us that when we slip on his everlasting arms hold us and save our lives before we crash down. Isn’t that amazing? What a splendorous display of God’s love and care in the above verse isn’t it? I was reading through that verse and I thought that’s all I need in life. Why am I so worried when I have such a loving and caring God? I had to rebuke myself for my moments of fear, anxiety, and unbelief. Slipping moments may come, but when they do come they cause us to experience the everlasting arms of God placed right underneath us. Are you going through one such slip-on moment today? I don’t know what is causing you to slip but ensure that you fall right into the everlasting arms of God, with that cry for help and honest confession. If not, your fall may turn out to be disastrous. Lord, please forgive my moments of fear, anxiety, and unbelief. Help me to rely on such a loving and caring God whose everlasting arms are always underneath me. I bow down before you in awe for such amazing care and love.


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