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Mid-Week Meditation

The men took some of their provisions but did not ask counsel from the Lord. Joshua 9:14

Subjective experiences often feel much better than objective guidance. Joshua chapter 9 follows a series of victories Israel experienced under the leadership of Joshua. Suddenly in that section on war and victories comes this chapter 9 where there is no record of war but there is a record of defeat and this time the defeat is through subtle deception of the enemy. Joshua and his men took time to check the cold bread, the old wineskins, the worn-out garments, and the sandals to test the veracity of the Gibeonites, yet they did not enquire of the Lord which is the basic essential of leadership. The Gibeonites passed the test of the senses of Joshua and his men but sadly Joshua and his men were unaware of the hearts of the Gibeonites which God alone knows. Often it is true that as long as we are able to see, touch, and sense, we don’t approach God because He is only for difficult things in life and not for those situations we could handle.

We need to be aware that the enemy is cunning and without guidance from God we don’t even realize that the enemy is already here. Satan’s attacks don’t come with megaphones; they creep through the cracks of our spiritual life. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to and strengthen the fundamental disciplines of our spiritual life. Success has its own way of making us numb to the essentials. If Joshua and his people succumbed to it, we could too. All that we touch, see, feel and test may not be pleasing to the Lord just because our senses say it is right or good. Stay connected with God daily through basic spiritual essentials like reading the Bible, praying, and taking counsel from godly people. Depend on God’s guidance, pay attention to the cracks that are developing in your walk with the Lord. The enemy’s deception will creep through those small cracks you are overlooking. Failure may be justified as part of growing, but remember, at times defeat is too big a price to pay. The voice of God in the New Testament is clear, “Therefore, let anyone who thinks that he stands to take heed lest he falls” (I Cor.10:12). Don’t go with what you see, touch, and sense, ask God to direct your steps, you need that today and every day.


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